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Fund Strategies

Active Management Strategies

DCS Global Equities fund

DCS Global Equities

Invests in funds with exposure to small, medium and large capitalization companies
DCS Global Bonds fund

DCS Global Bonds

Invests in funds positioned in global corporate and government bonds
DCS Cautious fund

DCS Cautious

Invests 75% in global fixed income Funds and 25% in Global Equity Funds
DCS Balanced fund

DCS Balanced

Invests 60% in global equity Funds and 40% in global fixed income funds
DCS Aggressive fund

DCS Aggressive

Invests 80% in global equity funds and 20% in global fixed income funds
DCS Emerging Market Equities fund

DCS Emerging Market Equities

Invests in emerging markets equities through the Pacific North of South EM All Cap Equity Fund.
DCS New Technologies fund

DCS New Technologies

Invests in funds with direct approach to the Tech industry
DCS Global Growth fund

DCS Global Growth

Invests in funds that follows Health, Environment, Demography and Sustainability
DCS Cash fund

DCS Cash

Invests in money market funds
DGT E-Commerce Fund fund

DGT E-Commerce Fund

Seeks to achieve medium to long-term growth investing in the companies that are relevant to the powerful global trend in Ecommerce
DGT Luxury Fund fund

DGT Luxury Fund

Seeks to achieve medium to long-term growth investing in the global companies in the luxury or discretionary spending sector
DGT Managed Fund fund

DGT Managed Fund

Is a managed fund solution based on our Global Trends investment philosophy
Opportunities Plus fund

Opportunities Plus

Invest in funds with global exposure to equity growth sectors
DCS Longevity and Social Change fund

DCS Longevity and Social Change

Invests in trends linked to the increasing life expectancy worldwide while also incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance criteria (“ESG”) into the investment process.
DCS G10 Macro Rates fund

DCS G10 Macro Rates

The Fund’s investment objective is to deliver positive returns over a rolling 12-month period.
DCS Multi Asset Sustainable - Balanced fund

DCS Multi Asset Sustainable - Balanced

Seeks capital growth over the long term primarily through investments which meet sustainable investment criteria.
DCS S&P 500 Tracker fund

DCS S&P 500 Tracker

Invests in a selection of the S&P 500 Index ETFs.
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Our funds are available through any Dominion product. Also available through independent investment platforms. Contact your financial advisor to open an account at Dominion.

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