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Our Mission

Translating complicated financial speak, into simple products that anybody can understand.

Our core values


We want to work with great people & teams.


That are open, trustworthy and contribute to a great work environment.

That are eager to learn and open to change.

That engage & collaborate with others to achieve common goals.

Think big

We embrace innovation & think big.

Think big

By setting ourselves ambitious goals and having a 'yes we can!' attitude.

By willing to question and upset the status quo.

By stepping out of our comfort zone to make transformative changes.


We believe that big ideas are only possible through a lot of focus, heart & hard work.


By focusing on what's really important and discarding what's not.

By searching for pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

By thriving to follow up, “killing things” and committing to deadlines.

Great service

We believe that customer loyalty is earned through great service. Every day.

Great service

By listening to our customers and making an extraordinary effort to exceed their expectations.

By putting a strong attention to detail in everything we do.

By ensuring the correct execution of key business processes.

DCSL - Code of Ethics Manual