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Strength and Confidence. A robust jurisdiction with AA-credit rating from Standard & Poor's.

Key Facts

Self-governing and funding

Self-governing and self-funding: Guernsey has been independent for more than 800 years, making its own laws and raising its own taxes.

Highly experienced

Highly Experienced: Guernsey has been a centre for international finance since the mid-1960s.

Funds expertise

Funds Expertise: Over 1,000 investment funds are domiciled or administered in Guernsey.

#1 Captive insurance

#1 for captive insurance: Guernsey is the largest captive insurance domicile in Europe.

Dependency of British Crown

Guernsey is not a sovereign state but a dependency of the British Crown: The King is the island's Head of State, as the latter-day successor to the Duke of Normandy, and Guernsey's Lieutenant - Governor is His Majesty's personal representative in the island. In 2004, Guernsey celebrated 800 years as a dependency of the British Crown. The island has its own parliament, the States of Guernsey, which is democratically elected every four years. The States of Guernsey is responsible for domestic affairs, its economy and tax regime. Guernsey enjoys autonomy in tax and regulatory matters.

Best-in-class regulation

Best-in-class regulation: In Guernsey, the regulatory regime for financial services has a close connection to the island's excellent reputation in banking, fiduciary services, insurance, investment management, and pensions. Day - to - day responsibility for the regulation and supervision of financial services rests with the Guernsey Financial Services Commissions(GFSC) who, since 1987, has regulated and supervised financial services in Guernsey with integrity, proportionality and professional excellence.

Fight Financial Crime

#1 in fighting financial crime: In 2016, Guernsey was determined as 'compliant' or 'largely compliant' with 48/49 of the Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) recommendations with respect to anti - money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. The best score of any jurisdiction.

Dependency of British Crown

Guernsey is tax-friendly: The personal income tax rate for Guernsey residents is 20 % after deduction of personal allowances. Guernsey has a basic rate of corporation tax of 0 % on profits arising applicable to most companies which are Guernsey tax resident. A 10 % rate of corporation tax is applicable to income arising from certain regulated activities including banking and insurance. There are no capital gains, inheritance, or sales taxes.

Top Credit Rating

Top Credit Rating: Guernsey has an AA-credit rating from Standard & Poor's, representing the island's 'very strong' capacity to meet its financial commitments.

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