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Capital creation for your long term goals.

My : Savings Strategy ®

A bespoke solution designed for those who wish to save on a regular basis to provide for future financial commitments such as education funding for children and relatives, healthcare provision, the creation of a capital sum for retirement, and any other medium- to long-term financial planning objectives.

Contributions can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly, and should your circumstances change, this frequency can be changed at any time during the selected term of your plan or even temporarily ‘frozen’ until circumstances improve.

This means that you can simply stop making contributions if you ever need to and there are no costs or fees to do this. Contributions can be increased or decreased at any time and ‘lump sums’ can be added throughout the term of the plan to further enhance investment proceeds.

Technical Specs

Key Features

Investment account specifically designed to help achieve medium and long-term financial goals.

Actively managed global investment strategies tailored to your personal risk profile.

100% online application process and administration providing for 24/7 access to each investors individual portfolios.

Domiciled in Guernsey, a premier, well regulated financial services centre.

Free choice of beneficiaries' designation ensuring investments benefit the people they are meant to.

Wide variety of investment options provides maximum flexibility with 100% cost transparency.

Minimum regular contributions of USD 250 per month or equivalent.

Minimum additional single contributions of USD 1.500.

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