DCS Emerging Market Equities fund


Fund Launch

May 2018

Performance YTD

3.16 %

Performance Since Launch

-11.89 %


Fund Information

The Fund's investment objective is the maximization of long-term capital appreciation through investments in Pacific North of South EM All Cap Equity, a sub-fund of Pacific Capital UCITS Funds plc.

Feeder Fund into Pacific North of South EM All Cap Equity, a sub-fund of Pacific Capital UCITS Funds plc.

Main Assets
EM stock funds and ETFs with the best qualifications, mainly selecting companies of the upmost quality with exposure to emerging economies; crossed correlation in mega companies (Samsung, Tencent etc.).

Satellite Assets
Managers of EM stock funds with a differentiated investment strategy of established managers of stock funds (greater exposure to medium capitalization companies and frontier markets).

General Information

Fund Manager Dominion Fund Management Limited
Investment Advisor Pacific Asset Management
Launch Date 30/05/2018
Currency USD
Objective Feeder Fund
ISIN Code GG00BF4Z4N68
AMC 2.0%

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The DCS Emerging Markets Equities Fund is a feeder fund that invests solely in the Pacific North of South EM All Cap Equity Fund (ISIN IE00BFFF4D54), an Irish UCITS managed by Pacific Asset Management (PAM). Pacific Asset Management is a trading name of Pacific Capital Partners Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. The allocation shown is for the underlying fund managed by PAM. The price & allocation of the DCS fund may differ to that of the underlying fund due to differences in fund charges and a small amount being held as a cash balance. The price of the DCS fund will, however, move mainly in line with the underlying fund. Please note that fees charged on investments in the feeder fund may also affect their return.

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