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Zara tops Spanish Brands for 2017

Zara tops Spanish Brands for 2017

Last Thursday, Interbrand released its list of the best Spanish brands for 2017, and the top spot went to an apparel brand that will be familiar to Dominion’s Luxury Fund investors: Zara. Zara is the flagship brand of Inditex, the fast-fashion giant that has revolutionized the way young people interact with fashion and shopping. Interbrand is a leading strategic marketing advisor, and its “best brands” rankings are highly respected in the industry. This year, the company said its list had a theme – “Dimensions” – that referred to both “the international dimension of Spanish brands’ growth and, on the other hand, the multidimensional strength of the brands themselves.

Check out the top 20 Spanish brands of 2017 below


SOURCE: Interbrand

Interbrand’s CEO of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, Gonzalo Brujó, made the following statement to the press about the quality of Spanish brands generally:

The Best Spanish Brands are among the global vanguard and on the verge of new important thresholds. Recognition and attention should be paid, both domestically and abroad. These thirty brands, together with the Brands to Watch, reveal the rich diversity and dimension of Spain and represent a full portfolio of sectors: financial services, technology, telecommunications, entertainment, fashion and retail, energy, sports, beverages, health, and hospitality. These brands, in several cases, have created their industries and many are a reference for global best practice.

Zara is notable this year for two reasons: the first is that 2017 marks its first year at top spot, and the second is that its brand value (a calculation that involves the strength that a brand has to “command a premium price”, the role of the brand in influencing customers, and “the financial performance of the branded products and services”) has advanced massively compared to the other names on the list.